Camino Portugues

Come with us along the Camino Portugues, commencing in northern Portugal.

Walking the Camino: Crossing a Roman bridge on the Camino Portuguese

Walking the Camino: Crossing a Roman bridge on the Camino Portuguese

Walking the Camino: A side trip to A Guarda en route to Santiago

Walking the Camino: A side trip to A Guarda en route to Santiago

The Tour

Travel Enriched offers two itineraries along the Camino Portugues.  Both tours commence in the world heritage listed small city of Oporto (also known as Porto) in northern Portugal.  Our journey includes five days walking through the attractive Portuguese countryside.  The remainder of our time is spent in the equally delightful rural Spanish region of Galicia.

The Camino Portugues is possibly the least demanding of the many pilgrim trails that lead to Santiago de Compostela.  Much of the pathway is flat or undulating.  Our itinerary excludes any very steep sections and industrial areas.  Our journey follows forest tracks and rivers, via vineyards, picturesque valleys, small hamlets and historic towns.  We stay in charming locations such as Barcelos, Ponte de Lima and Tui on our ‘Way’ to the ancient city of Santiago.

Much of this relatively uncrowded pilgrim trail follows the original Roman road between Portugal and Spain.  We walk in the footsteps of Celtic, Roman, Islamic and Christian Wayfarers stretching back to ancient times.  Significantly the Camino Portugues follows the route taken by St James the Apostle who first landed in Galicia by boat in the area now known as the township of Padron.

In 2017 we are offering two tours along the Camino Portugues.  Maximum walking distances are between 150 – 200 kms.  Both tours are fully supported with back up transport and luggage transfers.  Accommodation is in comfortable, small hotels and family run guesthouses.  Participant numbers are limited to 14.

Our 15 day tour in the European springtime commences in late May.  This is being run jointly with Australian based travel agency, Aurora Travel.  Highlights of walking at this time of year include the pleasant temperature, colourful blossoms and wildflowers and the sound of new-born farmyard animals.  Two side trips are included to some of the prettiest coastal towns in this region.  Before reaching the ancient pilgrim city we enjoy two days walking through the more remote Finisterre peninsula. See itinerary.

Our 10 day Autumn tour along the Camino Portugues is offered in September. This is a fantastic time to observe harvest festivals and sample fresh farm produce.  A side trip to historic and scenic sites along the Atlantic coast are an added bonus!  An optional one-day extension at the end of the tour can be booked separately. This includes a full day visiting the Finisterre peninsula with its famous light house at ‘the end of the earth’ and the remote fishing town of Muxia and an extra night’s accommodation in Santiago. See itinerary.


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