Walking the Camino: Shared images of journey

Crossing the Rio Minho we arrive in Spain – Galicia to be more precise where the language is more like Brazilian Portuguese than Castillano. We put our clocks forward one hour and now the sun sets at around 10.00pm. After walking long distance for several hours shared plates of tapas at 7.00pm are far more attractive than dinner at 9.00pm.

The days fly by and before we know it we near the end of our journey. Some collective images and photos from group members will give you some idea of this most memorable Camino experience.

Walking the Camino: Modern farming in Celtic ruins

Coming face to face with ancient cultures like Celtic and Roman settlements, and observing traditional land holdings and methods of cultivation. Walking ancient paths trodden by many others over many years. Reflecting on who I am, we are, our connections with each other and past dwellers. Balancing exchanging bits of life stories whilst walking companionably with my fellow travellers, and creating solitude for myself so that I hear the birds, take in the trees, the flowers, voices. The luxury of someone guiding responsibly and lightly who also leaves space for individual ways to experience. Ann R. Melbourne, Vic.

Walking the Camino: Caminoing through the forest

Forest floor
Leaf litter
Oak, pine, gum
Soft underfoot.

Towns and paths
Blur into memory
Glympsing life
Through other’s eyes.

Sun and shade
Stories and silence
Crops and stone
Rural and village

Camino walking
In footsteps of thousands

Walking the Camino: Wild flowers in Spring

Of feet and years
Unique journeys
Shared humanity.

Camino Portugues
Pines and eucalypts
In rows and columns
March across hillsides

Paths cross briefly
Lifetime journey.

Steve M. Melbourne, Vic.


Walking the Camino: Rich fertile farmlands near Muxia

Sun dappled track in a sea of green, with the ocean and a white sand beach sometimes visible through the pine trunks. Muxia is on a rocky peninsula with a lovely big protected bay on one side and the wild Atlantic Ocean on the other. Visible remains of Celtic and Roman occupation everywhere. Drystone walls marking out fields and what were once houses built right to the edge of the rocky shore. John D. Melbourne, Vic.

Walking the Camino: Snapped en route to Muxia

Today was special. The walk from Finisterre up over the hill in the cool of the morning towards Lires started confidently by all now we are so much fitter than at the beginning of the tour. The farmland gave way to the forest, then spectacular coastal views and then, more forest. We are all so much more aware of the sound of the birds now. Muxia was special for the rugged coastline and the history of the church on the rocks. The day finished with a swim in the Atlantic. Never thought I would be doing this on the Camino walk. Bernie F. Adelaide, Sth Aust.

Walking the Camino: Walking along cliff tops near Finisterre

Reflective walking. Deep green colours of pines providing welcome shade. And we journey on… Diana G. Melbourne, Vic.

Walking the Camino: Hórreos

So we have arrived in Santiago, a sacred place, a spiritual journey for each person in their own particular way.

Santiago, another Spanish town with a big cathedral? Yes but that’s not all! A magical place full of life, music and excitement. We were unprepared for the amount of music and dancing. On the Saturday night groups of people singing in the streets. Not busking, just singing together in the streets. Bands roaming from square to square with violins, guitars, Galician bagpipes and flutes. The unmistakable Celtic heritage of the area coming through with its own Galician flavour.

The next night, Galician dancing in the square, Galician pipes at the book fair with the player promoting his book. A Hurdy-Gurdy concert at a bar that would surprise you with its virtuosity, followed by an all-comers night that started at midnight and sounds and felt like an Irish pub.

No, the journey doesn’t necessarily stop at the cathedral!

Michael & Sue T. Hobart, Tas.

Walking the Camino: First glimpse of Santiago Cathedral from the Finisterre Way

Walking the Camino: With pilgrim friend in Padron

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