Travel Enriched heads to Cuba!

Cobbled Streets of Trinidad, Cuba

Cobbled Streets of Trinidad, Cuba

In a few days our intrepid group of well seasoned travellers will be enjoying the sights and sounds of old Havana.  For many this is one destination that has always seemed ‘out of reach’.  In recent years Cuba has experienced some rapid changes, including an increase in the arrival of tourists from all over the world.  It is likely that the recent visit of US President Obama will have a significant impact on the further opening of diplomatic and cultural links between the two nations.  What better time for us to visit this fascinating country that has for so long been cut off from much of the world.

We commence our journey by visiting the most important historical and cultural sites and taking in the atmosphere of daily life in Habana Vieja.  No doubt the sight of vintage cars and the pulsating sound of street music will soon become familiar.  From here we will set off on a 12 day trip that will take us to many interesting locations around the country, including French inspired Cienfuegos and the Bay of Pigs; the historic town of Trinidad with its colourful street markets and salsa; and the narrow, winding streets of the artistic capital, Camaguey.  Our final destination is Santiago de Cuba, situated between the rugged Sierra Maestra mountain range, where Fidel Castro and his revolutionary companions set up a remote campsite in 1958, and the Caribbean sea.

Since internet connections are not so good as yet in Cuba – you will have to wait a couple of weeks for photos and to hear something of our adventure!

Havana's Taxis, Cuba

Havana’s Taxis, Cuba

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