The Andes, Cuba and beyond

Fruit for sale in Havana, Cuba

Fruit for sale in Havana, Cuba

Making textiles in Chinceros‏‏, Peru

Making textiles in Chinceros‏, Peru

In addition to our portfolio of long distance walking tours along Camino trails, Travel Enriched conducts tours with a more historical and socio-cultural focus to selected Latin American countries.  These tours do not involve long distance walking.

Itineraries maximise opportunities for participants to engage with local people and to experience current day life.  Travelling in the comfort of a small group of like-minded people is an excellent way to explore these fascinating destinations.

In 2019 we are planning a two-week tour to Argentina and Brazil. Our itinerary includes extended time in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro; a two day side trip to the Iguassu Falls; and in depth focus on the history, culture and contemporary life of Afro-Brazilian communities in Salvador, in Bahia, north eastern Brazil.  Expressions of interest are sought from those who would like to consider joining us. Enquire now!

Our previous tours in Latin America have included visits to Peru and Cuba.  To see photos of our April 2015 tour to Peru visit our Travel blog: In the footsteps of the ancient Inca civilisationTravel Enriched’s Inaugural Tour of Peru and Via the Altiplano of Peru to Isla del Sol, Bolivia.   Photos and a summary of the highlights of our 2016 Cuba tour can be found on our Travel blog via the following links: Cuba 2016: Dominos, Homestays, Wifi and Tobacco fields, Cuba 2016: Dancing, Charades, Revolution & Music



Immerse yourself in a journey of a lifetime and experience ‘the real Peru’!


Experience the rich cultural diversity, unique history and rhythm of Cuba!

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