Our Tour Leaders

1_Diane-McDonald-Director-Travel-EnrichedDiane McDonald is the Founding Director of Travel Enriched.  She has over 35 years experience in the fields of community and international development, experiential and cross-cultural adult education and social research.  Diane has travelled extensively in both a professional and private capacity in southern Europe, Latin America, the Pacific and Asia.  She has long-term experience in leading small group tours along several lesser-travelled Camino trails, as well as planning and facilitating small group travel in Peru and Cuba.

HWHeather Wearne is an experienced Teacher of Creative Writing. She has taught both Writing and Literature at Australian Universities for more than 20 years and is a former Head of Writing at Southern Cross University in NSW. Heather has a PhD in Writing and has published work in Australia and internationally. She has also provided Life-Writing and Journal Writing courses at Community Centres in Victoria and Queensland.

ChristineChristine Gawne is a Creative Artist with a background in Art history.  She has worked for over 30 years as a Teacher of Art & Design in secondary schools.  Christine and her husband own a “renovators’ delight” in the South of France.  She has travelled extensively throughout Europe and since 2010 has led small group tours in France, Spain and Italy.  Her skills in tour facilitation and warm personality are highly regarded by all.

Heather O’Brien is a Visual Communications Teacher with post-graduate qualifications in Interior Design. With a degree in Art & Design she has pursued a teaching career and applied her skills to a wide range of artistic projects in homes, gardens, schools and churches.  Heather has a strong interest in classical and contemporary architecture as well as European and Islamic art.  An avid family historian Heather has unearthed some fascinating stories that had been lost in time.

Sol Eizaguirre A Basque born in San Sebastian, Sol is an anthropologist with a B.A. in Tourism Studies. She lived and worked near Washington, D.C. for almost 12 years before returning to Spain in 2000. A seasoned veteran of the Camino, she immediately fell in love with The Way after her first journey along the Camino Frances.  Since then she has led tours along many other routes to Santiago. Sol truly enjoys the outdoors, nature, hiking, and sharing her passion for the culture and beauty of her country with travelers.

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