Walking the Camino: More tours for 2013 & 2014

2013 Tours

Regular Visitors to this site will have already seen the three ‘Camino with a Difference!’ itineraries (Tours A, B & C) that are planned for the European spring, in April and May 2013. If not please select the Tours tab (above) to access them. If you are thinking of joining one of these three tours, then you will need to act fast! Bookings for Tour A and B close shortly. Those hoping to participate in Tour C should complete their bookings by 1 April.

We recently added two more Camino tours in 2013. These are scheduled to take full advantage of the captivating autumn season, with its pleasant weather, harvest festivals and the availability of fresh produce from local farms and vineyards along the trail. You can access the itineraries via the following links.

Tour D: Northern Portugal, Galicia & Finisterre Sunday 15 September – Sunday 29 September

Tour E: Northern Portugal and Galicia Thursday 3 October – Saturday 12 October

2014 Tours

There is already a great deal of interest being expressed by people keen to join a Travel Enriched Camino tour in 2014. Detailed itineraries for the April, June/ July and September/October tours will be posted in the next few weeks. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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