“Journaling is a conversation with yourself, a way of articulating and shaping your own sense of being in the world – of being on this journey.” Heather Wearne, Teacher of Creative Writing

Walking along lesser-know pilgrim trails provides a perfect stimulus for contemplation and inspiration.  Selected Travel Enriched tours offer you an opportunity to create a written expression of your Camino experience.

Journal writing discussions at our guesthouse in Rubias‏

Journal writing discussions at our guesthouse in Rubias‏

Long after the journey is over, your Journal will keep the experience alive.  You will return to it often because it will contain more than a simple record events or a summary of how you spent your days as you moved across a landscape.  Your Journal will be a place in which you make sense of what you have encountered along ‘The Way’: the people, places and emotions, the past and the present. Read more

In 2015 and 2016 we conducted a 10-day tour along the Camino Portugues that combined long distance walking with journaling.  These tours included pre-tour writing activities, together with en tour writing workshops and individual support facilitated by creative writing professional Heather Wearne.  Both tours were highly acclaimed by participants.  You might be interested to read some of the journal entries that they prepared along The Way. See ALONG THE WAY: PART 1 AND PART 2

If you would like to combine journal writing with the Camino experience please let us know.  We can also design a ‘custom-made itinerary’ for you and a group of your friends, book-club or another social group.

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