What makes us special?

Social responsibility

We are committed to responsible travel.  The design and management of all our tours are underpinned by our best efforts to maximise benefits for both participants and the communities that we visit.  Central building blocks of our itinerary planning are: cross-cultural engagement, mutual respect, experiential learning and environmental sustainability.  Where appropriate a contribution is made to support the ongoing work of community wellbeing projects that we visit.

In addition, for every confirmed tour booking Travel Enriched will donate $25.00 to each of two Australian based non-government organisations that are engaged in grassroots community development projects:

In 2018 we also supported a third NGO: Clearing House for Archival Records on Timor. CHART locates and preserves the documentary record of Australian community involvement with East Timor (1974-1999) and copies important archives to Timor-Leste for its own community memory, historical research and educational purposes https://timorarchives.wordpress.com/

Our Camino tours offer exceptional value

A recent comparison between tours offered by Travel Enriched and those conducted by other providers shows that Camino with a Difference! Tours have maximum variety and flexibility and are excellent value for money!  Since beginning Travel Enriched several years ago the number of companies that run Camino tours has spiraled!  The vast majority offer only self-guided options along the now heavily trafficked Camino Frances.  Luggage transfers are generally included but the standard of accommodation varies considerably and is sometimes ‘dormitory style’.

Only a small number of companies currently offer guided Camino tours.  Again most follow the Camino Frances and daily prices are markedly higher than for Travel Enriched tours.  None of these tours include the chance to combine journal writing with walking.  When choosing a tour provider take care not to compare ‘oranges’ with ‘lemons’.  Most importantly check the fine detail about what is included and review the testimonials written by former participants.  Read testimonials written by those who have been on a Travel Enriched tour.

Connect with local communities in Latin America

Former participants on our Camino tours have encouraged us to apply our tour management expertise with our long-term association with Latin America.  In response we have focused our tour development in this region on Peru, Cuba and Brazil.  These countries have a particularly fascinating historical and contemporary social context.  We introduce participants to people who are actively engaged in projects to enhance the wellbeing of their communities.  So as well as enjoying the culture, artistry and magnificent scenic vistas of these destinations, participants will have an opportunity to meet with ordinary citizens and to hear about their way of life and the key challenges that are facing them today.

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