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In 2017 we conducted four Camino walking tours and another tour by bus! Three tours followed ancient pilgrim trails commencing in the magnificent UNESCO world heritage listed city of Oporto in northern Portugal. Two of these tours along the Camino Portugues travelled inland via agricultural landscapes and vineyards, while the third tour followed a coastal pathway beside the often turbulent Atlantic Ocean.  Our fourth tour commenced in the Basque capital of Bilbao, home to the world famous Guggenheim museum of contemporary art. Participants walked along the Camino del Norte through picturesque countryside between the snow capped mountains of the Picos de Europa and the Cantabrian Sea before crossing into Galicia and the rugged Finisterre peninsula on their Way to Santiago de Compostela. The fifth tour, this time by bus, began in the magnificent medieval city of Granada in southern Spain. Shadowing the Camino Mozarabe we visited historically significant sites in this fascinating region including Cordoba and Seville. Our onward journey beside the Via de la Plata  took us to Roman archeological sites in Merida and Caceres; Salamanca with its pioneering university; and Oviedo, the cultural capital of Asturias; finally enjoying the ambience in some of the prettiest villages along the northern coast of  Spain.

In 2016 we took an eager group of independent-minded travellers to Cuba. Commencing in Havana with its haunting legends of revolution, Che Guevara and the Cold-War, we journeyed across the length of the island.  We visited the small agricultural town of Viñales with its extraordinary landscape; French influenced Cienfuegos and the historically significant Bay of Pigs; artist-inspired Camaguey; the well-preserved Spanish colonial city of Trinidad; and finally the cosmopolitan city of Santiago de Cuba, once home to Fidel Castro.  Soulful, vibrant music and dance that unites the best of Spanish and African rhythm and movement was a daily encounter. Following this we conducted three successful Camino tours along roads less travelled through Portugal and Spain. This included two tours on the Camino Portugues, one with a walking extension on the Finisterre peninsula. The third tour took us to Santiago on the Camino del Norte, walking between the sea and the snow capped Picos de Europa via the rural provinces of Cantabria and Asturias.

In 2015 Travel Enriched conducted an inaugural tour of Peru.  This included extended time in the Amazon jungle, as well as in Cusco and Machu Picchu and on Isla del Sol in Bolivia.  Tour highlights were the opportunity to learn about the impressive social wellbeing programs being implemented in an urban community situated on the outskirts of Lima and being hosted by a remote Quechua speaking community in the Altiplano.  In addition, participants on this year’s signature tour along the Camino Portugues had the chance to join in journal writing workshops led by Creative Writing professional Heather Wearne.  Also on the Camino trail, a ‘lucky few’ had the chance to walk to Santiago along the more remote Camino del Norte between Bilbao and Oviedo.  And finally our European Autumn tour brought together an intrepid group of long distance walkers on a pilgrim journey that took in both the Camino Portugues and the Camino Finisterre.

In 2014 we led four 10-15 day Camino tours.  Three of these tours followed the Camino Portugues with extensions to the Finisterre peninsula and the fourth commenced in Granada.  The latter, which had a more distinct histrorical focus, followed the Camino Mozarabe to Cordoba, then from Seville took us along the Rua de la Plata (the ancient Roman road) to join with the Camino Portugues in Oporto.  Participant feedback highlighted their genuine appreciation of the variety included in the itinerary; the care with which we planned all logistical details and attended to any unexpected ‘hiccups’ along The Way; the comprehensiveness of our pre-tour information; and the quality of our Tour Guides, including their flexibility in responding to the needs of individuals within the context of the small group.

In 2013 three ‘Camino with a Difference!’ tours were conducted along the Camino Portugues.  Two tours included an extension to the Finisterre Peninsula, enabling participants to walk beside the rugged Atlantic coast. Our May tour took advantage of pleasant walking weather in the European Spring when wild flowers are at their best, grape vines are lush with new growth and baby farm animals welcome those passing along ‘The Way’.  Two Autumn tours enabled participants to ‘just happen upon’ wine and harvest festivals, indulge in long siestas and sample fresh local produce.

In 2012 Travel Enriched conducted a highly successful tour along two of the lesser know Camino pathways: the Camino Portugues, commencing in northern Portugal and the Camino del Norte along the northern coast of Spain.  This included a side trip following the Camino Finisterre and a visit to the high snow-capped Spanish mountain range called the Picos de Europa.

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