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Do you want a unique and inspiring travel experience? If so, come with us on a memorable journey to fascinating destinations, on and off the beaten track.

Our small group tours (maximum 14 people):

  • Enable participants to explore individual interests.
  • Offer flexibility in daily walking distances.
  • Visit significant scenic and historic sites.
  • Are culturally, ethically and environmentally responsible.
  • Include personalised pre-departure information.
  • Are led by English speaking guides with long-term travel experience.
  • Provide luggage transfers, local transport & comfortable accommodation.
  • Are real and lasting value for money.

travel-enriched-home-button-AWalk Camino trails in Portugal and Spain to Santiago de Compostela.
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Explore ancient civilisations and contemporary life in Cuba and Peru.
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Combine Journaling with long distance walking along The Way. Read more


Ask us to arrange a ‘bespoke’ Camino tour to Santiago de Compostela. Read more

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